Tired of Being in Constant Overwhelm Mode?

I help women entrepreneurs who are stuck, find their next inspired action using their Intuition and solid business methods.

Have a huge idea for a new biz/site/program but getting it off the ground is a challenge?  Discover your best steps forward and lose the feeling of overwhelm.

Learning along the Way

Since I left my 20 year banking career, I’ve been uncovering the secrets (and falling into the many pitfalls) toward a successful, heart-based coaching business. Now I use my love of marketing and technology (I’m an out of the closet geek!) to help Holistic Businesses bring their gifts into the world. 

The steps to a time flexible, heart-based business you love don’t have to be painful.

I’m here to help you grow your own successful business in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.  With simple, heart-centered techniques.  With peace.  With joy.  With income!


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