3 Ways to Increase Your Business Happiness

business happinessAs entrepreneurial women, our business happiness is intertwined with our personal happiness. How we feel about ourselves has a direct effect on our ability to serve clients and therefore our income.

Check out these 3 methods of increasing your business happiness:

1)   Step outside of guilt. There is tremendous guilt in our culture. Most relationships come from a place of trying to persuade, convince, control and manipulate each other. Loving the self means stepping out of this kind of relationship.
To do so you will need to let go of guilt.
Others may feel threatened by you not playing along; they will want you to think and act in certain ways to fit their pictures, so they try to gain power over you through guilt.
You can learn to detach from the reactions of others and from your own emotions if they take you out of a clam, clear center. Loving yourself means asserting yourself with compassion. When you are willing to show others who you are, you open the door for them to expose their real selves also.

Journal Questions: In the last 24 hours, when did I act as my true self with someone? How would I know I was being my true self without manipulating who I was with (or allowing them to manipulate me)?

2)   Develop true self-worth. Self-worth means paying attention to how you feel. You don’t need to justify reasons why you choose to do something.
You don’t need to prove anything to another person about your worth. Validate your feelings. Don’t analyze and question them. Don’t ask over and over, “Do I really have a reason to feel hurt?”
Let your feelings be real for you and honor them. I’m not suggesting that you ignore what other people say, either, but instead honor what you feel about the issue.

Journal Questions: When did I last honor my feelings despite what others around me thought? How did that feel? What steps can I take to increase validating my own feelings?

3) Don’t take yourself so seriously. Seriously! Let go a little, and watch the abundance flow in. Joy and creativity flourish in an open atmosphere. When we hold on too tightly, we restrict our own (and our business’) ability to expand and flow.

The ability to laugh, to smile at others, and to put your problems into perspective is an evolved skill.

Journal Questions: What can I do today that will give me joy?

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