Learning Abundance from Trees


Taking my morning walk/jog I saw the beautiful trees (it’s springtime here in the US).

Realized they weren’t saying:

“this spring, am I going to have enough water?”

“Am I going to be beautiful?”

“Is it going to be a good summer?”

“gosh, I’m glad I came through the winter!”

The trees weren’t saying that. They were JUST BEING. They were JUST BEING in their beauty.

And being their Source.

Like all of us – the sooner you’re aligned with Source – whatever that is for you – the sooner you will know true abundance and simple joy.

Less struggle.

We have minds capable of great things. Yet our minds are equally capable of working against us. A tree may not have a mind in the sense we think of, but it does have a consciousness. It has a consciousness aligned with its Source.

So as the sun comes and the rain comes, and the tornadoes come – whatever comes.

It just is.

You may call it being in your Buddha nature. It’s just full alignment.

So today as you go about your day, think about when you can be more in alignment with Source.

Hint: what brings you joy?

Where is it that you allow yourself to just BE?

Set aside some time where you’re just with you and whatever you think of as God.

And as those times grow and as you feel the joy of being with Source and BEING Source more and more, those times can spread. They get bigger, and you’ll want to spend more time just being you, just being God.

And that spills over to everything in your life.

Wealth and abundance flow as you allow life to flow, not worrying as much about the future (am I gonna have enough water?  Am I gonna have enough money? Am I gonna have enough air?).

More being with what IS.

And the storms come, and it just is.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Business Happiness

business happinessAs entrepreneurial women, our business happiness is intertwined with our personal happiness. How we feel about ourselves has a direct effect on our ability to serve clients and therefore our income.

Check out these 3 methods of increasing your business happiness:

1)   Step outside of guilt. There is tremendous guilt in our culture. Most relationships come from a place of trying to persuade, convince, control and manipulate each other. Loving the self means stepping out of this kind of relationship.
To do so you will need to let go of guilt.
Others may feel threatened by you not playing along; they will want you to think and act in certain ways to fit their pictures, so they try to gain power over you through guilt.
You can learn to detach from the reactions of others and from your own emotions if they take you out of a clam, clear center. Loving yourself means asserting yourself with compassion. When you are willing to show others who you are, you open the door for them to expose their real selves also.

Journal Questions: In the last 24 hours, when did I act as my true self with someone? How would I know I was being my true self without manipulating who I was with (or allowing them to manipulate me)?

2)   Develop true self-worth. Self-worth means paying attention to how you feel. You don’t need to justify reasons why you choose to do something.
You don’t need to prove anything to another person about your worth. Validate your feelings. Don’t analyze and question them. Don’t ask over and over, “Do I really have a reason to feel hurt?”
Let your feelings be real for you and honor them. I’m not suggesting that you ignore what other people say, either, but instead honor what you feel about the issue.

Journal Questions: When did I last honor my feelings despite what others around me thought? How did that feel? What steps can I take to increase validating my own feelings?

3) Don’t take yourself so seriously. Seriously! Let go a little, and watch the abundance flow in. Joy and creativity flourish in an open atmosphere. When we hold on too tightly, we restrict our own (and our business’) ability to expand and flow.

The ability to laugh, to smile at others, and to put your problems into perspective is an evolved skill.

Journal Questions: What can I do today that will give me joy?

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Does Your Business Have “Found Money” Lying Around?

Do you have "found money" in your business?I was working with a client yesterday when she showed me a “Cheat-Sheet” Guide she had created for students of her healing school.

During our conversation she mentioned many people had visited a particular page on her website looking for info about this specific type of healing (she’s a Reiki Master).

I asked her “Why don’t you offer your “Cheat-Sheets” as an easy download for people visiting your website?  Your visitors would benefit, and so would you.”  So there it was.  Found money!  She already had the product made.

All we had to do was:

1) Make her document into an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file so it could be downloaded and read by anyone.  Most document software now has the option to “Save As” a .pdf file.

2) Add the .pdf file to her shopping cart software (see recommendation below)

3) Add the “Buy and Download” link to the page on her website that was receiving the traffic.  She can also mention the new product in her newsletter with a Buy link.

Now my client can make a passive source of income from something she had already created!

Bonus Secret: Looking for an easy, inexpensive online shopping cart to sell your own downloads?  E-Junkie is a great way to offer online downloadable products for just $5/month and a free PayPal account.

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What NOT to Do When It’s All Too Much



Does this sound familiar?

“I’m overwhelmed! I’m just not getting anywhere! I thought starting a business would be easier, especially after doing so well at my job. I made it work in the corporate world – why won’t it work now?”

I get it. You want to move forward in your business, but you’re struggling with second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’re making the right decisions.

You really DO want to make a difference – yet you can’t see your whole picture or envision the possibilities – let alone create a workable plan to move forward.  It’s all too much!

So what’s the solution?

DO Less

Yep – You heard me. DO Less

Spend less time DOING and more time BEING.  Spend 15min in nature.  Or sitting quietly by yourself really tasting that cup of tea.  One of my favorites: taking a walk with the intention of feeling what is happening with each of my senses.  Be in the present moment.  Slow down your thoughts for a while.

When I left my job as a bank VP, DOING was what got me promoted.  The more I DID, the more successful I became at my job.  Even just looking busy was rewarded!  That’s a hard belief to change (busy=successful), especially in our culture that rewards busyness.

I had to learn the hard way (and still learning) that DOING all the time doesn’t cut it when you are your own boss.  When you’re busy being busy –  you can’t benefit from what some call your Inner CEO.  Your wise Inner Knowing.  Source.  Intuition.

Taking the time to quiet and listening to your Intuition –  then taking action from there turns your business (and your life) around.

 Your intuition is your direct pipeline to a form of intelligence that is completely beyoind your conscious brain.  Successful, effective, happy people are those who have gotten onto the beam of their own intuitive senses and who rely continuously on their inner guidance – and they seldom make mistakes.

– Brian Tracy, bestselling author

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Have a Wild Crazy Meaningful Life After a Corp J-O-B with Pace Smith

How do I start a biz
Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith

Can you find happiness after leaving your corporate job?  Yes!

Join Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith as she tells us how she became the catalyst first for herself, then for other women on this crazy journey called Life.

I love Pace’s fun attitude and sense of compassion around meaningful change, healing, and success.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • Breaking blocks by letter writing (it’s not what you think!)
  • Her a-ha! moment when sitting at a desk computer programming
  • Why compassionate self-talk matters
  • Reality behind the myth: “If I work hard, shouldn’t people buy my stuff?”
  • Techniques to work with your fear around stepping out and being authentic

Link to Pace’s free manifesto: “warm and businesslike”  http://pacesmith.com/warm-and-businesslike/

Pace Smith helps sensitive spiritual misfits follow their hearts to a wild crazy meaningful life.

She’s a Pathfinding coach, a teacher, a speaker, a writer, a bi poly trans gamer geek, an open-source Reiki healer, and a tournament-level Dance Dance Revolution player. She dyed her hair purple the day she quit her day job, and loves it every minute, even (especially?) after the purple has faded to pink.

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Why It’s Important to Find Your Unique Genius

“Why can’t I just help everybody?”

Sound familiar?  As a woman entrepreneur, we naturally want to help everyone we can.  Reality: trying to serve everyone actually serves no one.

Cristi Cooke

Discover Your Unique Genius

Join me as I discuss with Marketing Strategist Cristi Cooke the reasons why it’s so vital to recognize and claim that which makes you special, your “Unique Genius”.

In this episode of The Her Next Step Show with Darlene Cary learn:

  • Why take the time to discover what you do best? (and why it can turn your business around)
  • Finding your core patterns and strengths
  • Setting yourself apart from the pack and how that draws clients to you
  • How Finally communicating what you really are is a big sigh of relief!

Links to Resources mentioned in the Show:

Free 90 minute teleseminar Unlock Your Unique Genius happening May 31, 2014

Listening to this episode after May 31, 2014?  Then download:

Click Here for the “Discover Your Genius” free audio and worksheet

Never miss a show! Click Here to Subscribe to The Her Next Step Show on iTunes

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Want to Energize Your Motivation? Reclaim Your Why

Sometimes we may struggle to stay motivated and focused.

There are a million different distractions surround us to easily take us off track. When this happens, we lose productivity. As entrepreneurs, this is a BIG loss. Time is precious and we don’t want to lose it by failing to stay focused. I find that motivation and focus work together as a team. The same is true whether you are really motivated or you lose your motivation- you can easily lose focus.

When I am really motivated, every new idea is exciting and something I want to act on now. This can lead to many trips down rabbit trails that lead to nowhere. This inevitably results in frustration, discouragement, burn out, and ultimately costs you your motivation to keep going.

When lack of motivation exists, finding all kinds of reasons not to work on what needs to get done is easy. This is especially true when you are prone to taking on too many tasks at once.

So what can be done?

The number one thing that works for me, which not only helps maintain motivation but also improves my focus, is this: I ask myself why I started this business in the first place.

I am quickly reminded of the alarming numbers of people that seem to be lost and floating about in unfulfilling careers with no sense of contribution, joy, or clear direction. I remind myself of what it felt like to be there. This quickly motivates me to get my message out there and to help these people that are struggling. I keep this mission or vision in front of me. Scriptures say “Where there is no vision the people perish.” This helps to show that keeping the vision before you is so important. Several scriptures express the importance of keeping your eye on the prize. For me, I find no greater motivator than to see the high need out there and to get to work meeting that need.

What is your vision?  Let us know in the comments below.

Stephobrien Stephanie O’Brien helps people in their twenties and thirties uncover their passions and their purpose in order to live an abundant life that is blessed with fulfilling and enriching work. Her goal is to enrich, encourage, and empower the quarter-life age group to achieve the life and career of their dreams by providing you with inspiring, motivating, and practical content rich with the latest career trends, valuable resources, interview tips, real life success stories, and more!

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10 Tips to Beat the Overwhelm and Stay Focused


Many business owners share with me that one of their biggest problems is information overwhelm which in turn leads to lack of focus, and therefore they don’t actually get stuff done in their business. They’re so busy trying to keep up with all the information that they’re being hit with that they don’t actually get around to any implementation and so they stay stuck.

With all the information that’s thrown at us via our inbox, social networks, and even through the mail, it’s so easy to become side-tracked and lose that focus and, like many business owners, I’m guessing you only have a certain number of hours in the day to work on your business.

If you’re going to grow your business and implement new programs and products, and continue to serve your clients, then you really need to stay focused and make the best possible use of your time.

Today I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips for beating the overwhelm and staying focused:

1. Only check email at certain times. You’re not going to do yourself any favors by checking your email every 30 seconds. Once first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon is enough.

2. Schedule in business development appointments. You need to work ON your business, right? So schedule that time into your calendar. This will get you really focused on creating that new program or product that’s been sat on your To Do list for the past six months.

3. Unsubscribe from ezines that no longer serve you – and, yes, I realize I may be shooting myself in the foot when I say this to you. But having fewer emails landing in your inbox will really make a difference to your inbox overwhelm and will allow you to focus only on those mentors/teachers that serve you best.

4. Likewise, unsubscribe from online groups such as Yahoo & Google groups that no longer serve you. If you’re not actively participating anyway, why add to your inbox by receiving group emails. You’ll only be tempted to check them!

5. If you want to remain in an online group, switch your emails over to daily digest. Instead of getting an email every time someone posts to the forum, switch to daily digest – that’s one email per day instead of many.

6. Don’t take unscheduled phone calls – let it go to voicemail. Unscheduled phone calls are an interruption – they take you off task and you will need to spend time refocusing again once you hang up.

7. Allocate specific blocks of time for client calls. Rather than having your client calls/appointments all haphazard in your calendar, create blocks of time when you’ll be available to speak or meet directly with clients.

8. Focus on only participating in one program/teacher/mentor at a time – immerse yourself in the learning and implement before you move on to the next program.

9. Only work on those activities that contribute to the big picture for your business i.e. those activities that will create new revenue streams and increase your bottom line. Either outsource or ditch the rest.

10. Focus on YOUR big picture – remember why you started your business in the first place. With the constant bombardment of “I’ll show you how easy it is to create a six or seven-figure business” emails it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you’re a failure if you’re not at that level. There’s nothing wrong in striving for this goal, but whilst you may not be at that level yet (or perhaps don’t even want to be) that in itself can be a source of overwhelm. Don’t follow the shoulds. Be yourself; remember why you got into this in the first place; and enjoy what you’re doing.

Learning how to manage your time and stay focused is one of the crucial components you have to learn to master if you want to create a sustainable, long-term business.

TraceyLawtonOnline Business Development Strategist, Tracey Lawton, teaches life coaches, business coaches, and virtual assistants how to become more organized, streamlined, and automated so that they don’t constantly bottleneck projects and processes. Having the right systems in place leads to consistent revenues, more clients, and less stress and overwhelm. Find out if you have the right systems in place for your business with Tracey’s free quiz, “Is Your Business Set Up To Fail?” at http://bizsuccessquiz.com

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