Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl


We’ll be awarding a signed copy of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl to one of the first 15 commentors of this post!

Want to move out of corporate life to make extra income for yourself?Success Secrets Book

Listen to Lynn Bardowski tell her fascinating story of quitting her lucrative but unfulfilling job to create her own “party” business through direct marketing.

Some highlights:

  • Find how your life purpose can be right in front of you

  • Putting your dream on hold while waiting for friends and family to support you (don’t!)

  • How your thoughts become reality – REAL self education

  • How to let go of other peoples’ expectations

  • How failure is a blessing (and an integral part of success!)

Have you made the step (or thinking about it) from corporate stress to freedom within your own business?  Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Change Your Thoughts Step by Step to Increase Success


DREAM Comes True Book ImageListen as author & coach KishaLynn relates how she brings exactly what she wants into her life (and you can as well) with her DREAM System based upon the Law Of Attraction.

Learn KishaLynn’s step by step process to bring in success.

Go deeper and explore the Law of Attraction.  If you’re a skeptic about the Law of Attraction, you will enjoy hearing KishaLynn’s story about proving to her herself that “This Stuff is Working!”

Links from the audio show

A DREAM Comes True by KishaLynn Elliott

KishaLynn’s website This Stuff is Working!

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How to Create (Most) Days You Love

What would it be like to have every day filled with joy? or beauty? or peace? or ______ (fill in What's your Intention?blank).

You can choose what your life will be each day

Yes, YOU choose.  Only you.  Want happiness?  Choose it.  Want more clients?  Choose it.  I know what you’re saying: “but it isn’t that simple!”.  Yes, it really is. You are already choosing what your life is like, each and every moment – you just don’t realize it. A lifetime of habitual thinking and beliefs creates our everyday reality.  When that driver cut in front of you yesterday, what was your habitual reaction?  Did you cuss them out mentally or verbally?  Did you see who was driving and then kick in with negative beliefs: “Oh yeah, ______ always drive terrible”.

Click here for Quotable Tweet: Intention Sets the Stage for Your Happiness

Here’s How to Create Days You Love

  1. Each morning, set your intention for the day.  What do you want for yourself today?  Have an especially busy day?  Try setting your intention to be peaceful.  Feeling down?  Try consciously looking for the positive in each situation.
  2. Recite to yourself the intention you have: “Today I will be peaceful”.  Saying your intention out loud is best.  Say it several times to yourself during your morning routine.

Reciting your intention for the day may seem awkward and artificial at first.  After awhile you will notice your intention sneaking in during unexpected moments during the day.

Real Life

Here’s a story from one of my days of intentional living: Last week I was meeting a client in a local coffee shop.  When she was 15, then 20 min late and still didn’t show, I started to go through all the usual stories and tapes in my head: Where was she? Did I get the time wrong? Did she just blow me off? (accompanying anger), Am I such a terrible coach she didn’t want to meet with me? (yes, I really went there).  Then I remembered my intention that day was to be joyful.   Was I immediately joyful?  No, but it did bring me back into the present moment and remind me I was choosing how to feel in that moment when my client didn’t show up.   I was even able enjoy a few minutes relaxing and looking for joy in the situation and my surroundings.  When my client did arrive, I was able to be truly with her, rather than running all the old tapes in my head and being upset.

Choose For Yourself

Just for today, what’s your intention for yourself?  What do you want to bring more of into your life?  What you focus on, grows.

What is your Intention for today?  Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Grow Your Email List for Greater Profit


Listen in to the 2nd of a two part interview about Email Lists with small business specialist Christine Gallagher of She’s Got Clients.

Christine Gallagher photo

Christine Gallagher of She’s Got Clients

Topics discussed in this 19 min audio include:

  • How to use Social Media to Grow an email list
  • Critical mindshifts to effectively build your list
  • Free vs. Paid traffic (which is better?)
  • Why consistency is important.

Business Coach Christine Gallagher takes us step by step to email list success!

Free expert advice each week: Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here and listen with your iPod, SmartPhone, or iPad. Listen on the go, in the gym, or during your commute.

Links from this Episode:

Grow Your List Home Study Course with Christine

The email software I recommend: Aweber

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How to Create and Grow an Email List Part 1


product_imgPart 1 of a 2 part interview with Christine Gallagher about creating and growing an email list for your business

What I like about Christine’s approach is her simple step by step guidance

In this 10 min episode we explore:

  • Why an email list is essential
  • Two non-negotiable elements you must have to create an email list
  • How to get your list growing without having to be a “Super Marketer”
  • Content ideas to increase engagement with your audience

Resource links to take your next step with an email list:

Grow You List, Grow Your Income Home Study Course

Email Software I use and recommend: Aweber

Be sure to tune in next week for the second part of Christine’s interview

What email service do you recommend?  Let us know in the comments below.


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2 Secrets of Solopreneur Time Management


What happens to our time management when we become our own boss?  Does it really affect our productivity when there’s no boss looking over our shoulder? Yes!Mickey Mouse clock

Listen in to learn two deceptively simple techniques for improving your time management when there’s no boss holding you accountable.  Try at least one one these methods this week and let us know what happened in the comments below.  What did you accomplish?

Links for Episode 022:

Five Best Windows Timer Apps   (I like Focus Booster: simple to use)  Timer Apps for Windows or Mac

Today’s audio show episode is just 6 minutes.  Do you like this shorter audio show format? Or the longer interview format? Please let me know in the comments below. Even better, click here to take a 2 min survey about what you want to included in the podcast episodes.  Thanks!

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Your Financial Security Is You, Not Your Job

Financial Coach and Instructor Peggy Lusk

Financial Coach and Instructor
Peggy Lusk

Financial Coach Peggy Lusk gives an impassioned, 10 minute wake-up call.

The days of putting your time in so you’d be able to retire comfortably have come and gone.  Benefits (especially retirement benefits) are dwindling.

It’s more imperative than ever to create an income that can supplement or replace whatever retirement benefits you may have coming.  Does that mean starting a new business?

Hear Peggy’s story and her take on what she sees all too often as a Financial Coach

Links for Episode 021:

Peggy Lusk’s free (requires email opt-in) video series Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

Listeners: Please give me your feedback so I can better serve you. Do you prefer the longer, more in-depth interviews, or shorter (around 10 min), quick tip episodes?

Please let me know in this quick 5 question survey.  I appreciate your honest feedback!


Bring the Her Next Step audio show with you for free!  Subscribe to the show in iTunes here and listen with your iPod, SmartPhone, or iPad

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3 Tips to Tame Your Facebook Monster


Some people LOVE Facebook.  Some people Hate it.

Wherever you land, there’s no denying the power of Facebook to help you reach your different circles.

Facebook picture

Clients. Prospective Clients.  Fellow business owners.  All are on Facebook.

As of March 2013, there were 1.06 Billion (yes, with a B) users on Facebook.

Find out what types of Facebook posts are the most effective

BONUS Tutorial revealed in the 9min audio show: How to create popular “graphic posts with quotes” for free.  Same method I used to create the graphic with this post!

Bring the Her Next Step audio show with you!  Subscribe to the show in iTunes here and listen with your iPod, SmartPhone, or iPad

Links for Episode 020:

Free photo/graphics sites:

Online free photo editing (no opt-in, no downloads) PicMonkey

Click here for useful tips from Facebook expert Amy Porterfield

How do you tame your Facebook monster?  Let us know in the comments!

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