How to Use Inner Resources to Make a Successful Life-Change

Her Next Step 019: Find Success By Searching Within


Overwhelmed by decisions and choices? Find out how to use your intuition to help you know your best next step.

Join Women’s Business Coach Darlene Cary and best-selling author and Intuitive Consultant Lynn Robinson discuss how to:

1) Work your way out of a draining situation

2) Re-connect to your Inner Self (even if it’s been years since you last connected)

3) Recognize your Intuition voice from your Inner Critic voice

Lynn Robinson Author of Divine Intuition Your Inner Guide to  Purpose, Peace, & Prosperity

Lynn Robinson
Author of Divine Intuition
Your Inner Guide to
Purpose, Peace, & Prosperity

4) Use movement to find answers

5) Supportive daily practices during stressful times to find inner peace and courage

Host: Business Coach Darlene Cary at Her Next

I teach corporate women in their 40’s and 50’s how to identify and monetize their talents and skills so they can finally leave their job,or if they’ve  just left it, to replace their income and do the work they were always meant to do.

Show Notes and Resources:

Guiding our discussion today: Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity by Lynn A. Robinson

Free Intuition Technique videos from Lynn Robinson:

Free weekly interviews from women making the transition to a thriving business outside a job, and women’s business experts guiding your way to success! Subscribe to the audio show in iTunes here and listen with your iPod, SmartPhone, or iPad.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Friend and colleague Leanne Chesser contributes today’s guest post on how to improve time management.  Enjoy and Share!Improve Your Time Management

It can be tough when you leave your corporate job and start your own business!

When you worked your job, your daily tasks were pretty much decided for you.

You were working for the vision and purpose of the company.

You were accomplishing the company’s goals.

You went to work each day knowing what you had to accomplish, or you were given instructions when you arrived.

And your time was set out for you:

  • when you could take a coffee break
  • when you could eat lunch
  • when you could leave for the day

Now you’ve got all kinds of freedom . . . and even though you probably wanted that freedom, you’re not sure where to start.

You might be feeling:

  • distracted by a ton of things that call for your attention during the day
  • overwhelmed with all there is to do
  • disorganized
  • out of balance with the other important areas of your life
  • or like a workaholic with no off switch

It’s great to have the freedom.

It’s amazing to be building a business based on your passions and dreams.

It’s awesome to be out of the box of your job.

But you’re not really getting anything done . . . or you’re focusing so much on your business that the rest of your life feels neglected.

What can you do?

Here are 7 tips that will help you improve your time management in your business:

1.  Develop X-Ray Superhero Vision

a)     Create and write a vision for your business. It keeps you on track.

b)    Set goals for the year to get you to your vision. Break your goals into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Write them down.

c)     Set out your daily tasks based on your weekly goals. This way, everything you do in a day will get you to your vision. Write them down.

d)    Record all the ideas that come to you in a notebook. Revisit your notes each year or each quarter as you do your planning. If they fit with where you’re going, add them to your plans. If they don’t, leave them in the notebook for now.

 2.  Respect Your Time & Space

a)     Work for 15 minutes at a time. Focus completely on your task and don’t stop to do anything else. You could also set a timer.

b)    Set office hours and have an actual office space where you can work.

 3.  Get ‘Er Done!

a)     Take breaks. I know that sounds backwards . . . but it works. You need to take care of yourself.

b)    Work at your most productive or creative times as much as possible.

c)     Plan 1-3 activities that will move your business forward each day. Do these first before you do anything else.

d)    Stay on top of things and don’t let stuff pile up . . . like emails and stacks of paper . . . or dishes and laundry.

e)     Use plans, templates and systems to leverage your time, especially for things you repeatedly do. For example, create a blogging calendar.

 4.  Escape the Social Media Time Suck

a)     Choose 3 social media sites to focus on. Choose the ones where your market hangs out. You don’t need to be everywhere! Narrow it down.

b)    Automate as much of your social media activity as you can by using a service like Hootsuite. Further automate your social media activity by setting up your blog posts to automatically post to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

c)     Pre-write a series of social media posts. For example, create 30 tips in your area of expertise and schedule one to go out each day for a month.

d)    Plan activities that are business related, intentional and purposeful. Do only those things and then get off social media.

e)     Turn off notifications, chats and un-follow posts that you’ve commented on in groups.

5.  Get Rid of Beeps, Rings, Dings & Other Interruptions

a)     Unsubscribe from all but the most essential and useful newsletters, courses and information – – the things that are really going to help you move forward in your business.

b)    Stop checking your email constantly! Set 3 times for checking email each day and stick to it. Close your email program except at those times. When you check your email, delete the crap, deal with what you need to deal with and file or delegate the rest.

c)     Let your voicemail or assistant answer your phone (unless it’s planned sales conversations or coaching calls). Set it to silent if you’re letting your voicemail handle it. Set 1-3 times each day for checking messages and returning calls.

 6.  Deal With the “Do I Have To?” Tasks

a)     Start and end your day with essential tasks and tasks you love. Do the hated “have-to” stuff in between or at your less productive times of the day.

b)    Outsource or delegate. You don’t have to do it all alone.

c)     If you choose to keep doing the hated tasks, make it more enjoyable to do the stuff you don’t want to do. Change your attitude about it or reward yourself for doing it.

7.  Put on a Balancing Act

a)     Stay balanced in all life areas. If you’re off balance, your work time will be affected, you’ll do the guilt thing ’cause you’ll feel you should be doing something else, and your mind will be focused on other things.

b)    Exercise. It boosts your energy and mood.

c)     Get enough sleep!

d)    Schedule in some spiritual time, however that looks for you.

e)     Eat well to nourish your body and mind.

Which tip do you think will help you the most to improve your time management?

Leanne ChesserLeanne Chesser works with women online entrepreneurs to discover and eliminate the real reasons for their time, balance and productivity challenges. She then helps them create a plan and a system that actually works for them because it’s based on their own personal style. And she provides lots of tips and strategies for creating more time, achieving more balance and getting more done. She is the creator of Juggle It All and the author of, “How to Improve Your Self Esteem” and “How Your Self Talk Can Change Your Life.” You can find her at

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5 Lessons Learned Leaving the Corporate World To Start a Business

Her Next Step audio show with Women’s Business Coach Darlene Cary Episode 018


Moving from a job to starting your own business?   Save yourself grief by learning these 5 lessons first!5 Lessons Learned

Listen in as I tell my own story of leaving an office job and starting and growing two businesses

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Topics Discussed:

  • How I went from Corporate cog to living my dream
  • 5 Surprising Lessons I had to learn the hard way

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Lesson 2: Online Community expert Alyssa Gregory’s  interview about the benefits of engagement with online communities

Lesson 4: Fear expert Marcia Hoeck on taming the F-word (Fear)
Bonus link for Lesson 4: Dealing With the Fear of Change

Lesson 5: Ali Davies on top of a mountain January 1, 2000

Bonus link for Lesson 5: Accountability 101

What lessons have you learned making the transition from a job to your own business?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Not Sexy, But Vital: Your First Steps Toward A Stable Accounting Base (With 10 Page Bonus Guide)

Yes, You Can: First Steps Toward A Business Accounting Base –  Her Next Step Episode 017

Mischelle Watkins

Accounting Powerhouse
Mischelle Watkins

Many years of working with small businesses of all types has prepared Mischelle Watkins for what she is today: an accounting “get it done” powerhouse.  You name it, she’s has seen it or lived thru it with small business.  Mischelle knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to small biz billing, accounting, and yes, marketing!

Listen in as Accountant and Small Biz Consultant Mischelle Watkins walks us thru setting up an effective accounting base for your new business. Learn how to effectively create invoicing, checking, and online billing to make your business a success from the start.

Her Next Step is now in iTunes! Subscribe here and get free updates automatically.  Add to your Mp3 player and listen on the go. 

Download the 10 page Business Starting Bonus Guide from Mischelle

Topics Discussed:

  • The first step you should absolutely do in a small business
  • Accounting software recommendations
  • Inexpensive billing options
  • Pricing methods
  • Marketing on a shoestring (locally and online)

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Mischelle’s website (a huge resource of small biz information)   Link to basic contract

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Ditch Facebook? How to Make Online Communities Work For Your Small Biz

Her Next Step 016: Making Online Communities (Other than FB) Work for Your Small Biz 


Is Facebook the best online community for your business networking? Not necessarily. Listen in as online community creator Alyssa Gregory tells us the how and whys of an effective online community presence.

Her Next Step: Ditch Facebook?

Alyssa Gregory of Small Business Bonfire

Learn how to effectively promote your business, network with others (you’re not alone!), and gain new clients for your service business using online communities (not Facebook!) with Alyssa Gregory of Small Business Bonfire. 

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The secrets to interaction on any online community

  • Step-by-step essentials of an online community presence

  • What NOT to do when a member of a community – the trap and how to avoid it

  • Why locally based businesses have an advantage online (at time 21:45) 

Links mentioned in the Show:   Small Business Bonfire Community (not an affiliate link)

Alyssa’s Favorite Small Biz Tool: Evernote

Her Next Step podcast is now in iTunes!  Subscribe here to not miss an episode and a chance to grow your business

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Turn Your Passion Into Profit


Her Next Step 015: Learn how to gain new clients for your heart-centered service business with author and Business Coach Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Corrina Gordon-Barnes of
You Inspire Me

My conversation with Corrina about her book “Turning Passion To Profit” took several turns I didn’t expect. Corrina is that all-too-rare breed of Business Coach that can span the bridge between true service to others and profit.  She has literally written the book about bringing those two worlds together.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The marketing problem with heart-centered service businesses and how to solve it
  • The one action successful entrepreneurs do every day
  • How to discover the pressing problems of your “tribe” (ideal clients) to serve them better and increase your sales
  • Your Message and the way to communicate it to your tribe
  • Using the seldom mentioned “Flow Process” with clients to help them at their greatest level of need
  • Why “Resonant Pricing” for your services makes selling easy

Listen to the end to discover how business cards at a networking event can be a barrier to sales and what to do instead.

Links mentioned in the Show:   Corrina’s book Turn Your Passion to Profit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Your Business Off the Ground (not an affiliate link)

Corrina’s “You Inspire Me” website and blog check out her free resources when you visit the site

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How to Move Through Procrastination to Done!

Erin O'Brien: Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28

Erin O’Brien: Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28

Her Next Step Episode 014: Interview With Procrastination Coach Erin O’Brien

Still have New Year Goals you haven’t started to implement?  Erin O’Brien gives us her favorite tips for getting past being stuck. Learn Erin’s technique of breaking up BIG goals into small, doable action steps. (20 min)

Topics discussed:

  • Fear’s Role in Procrastination and Moving Past It
  • Erin’s Procrastination Take on the 80/20 Rule
  • How Erin Coaches Clients Thru Website Paralysis and Other Blockages

Links: Erin’s Website  Coaching for the Truly Serious

Do you have a favorite method of getting passed being stuck?  Please share it with us in the comments below.



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Finding Your Ideal Client


Her Next Step Episode 013: Interview with Erica Holthausen of Honest Marketing Revolution

Her Next Step Episode 013

Erica Holthausen of Honest Marketing Revolution

Too many new service businesses make the mistake of trying to have “everyone” as their client.  It just doesn’t work.

Clients get frustrated when they feel you don’t understand their unique problems, and you as the business owner don’t know what  solutions your clients really need and how you can best help them.

Identifying and marketing to a specific group of clients that best fit your strengths and abilities frees you up to better serve the clients who find and hire you. A win-win situation!

Listen in as Erica Holthausen and I discuss the process of identifying your ideal client.

Key methods discussed:

  • Using “who you don’t like” to find who you best serve
  • How to start big and narrow down
  • Using images as a magnet to your best clients
  • “Free writing” to get your ideas out there

Resource links:  Erica’s website   Flicker Creative Commons Pictures   Google Image Search (Specify “free to use or share” under Usage Rights on this page)

Her Next Step Vision Board Post     Book about “free writing” to access your creative ideas: Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content
What methods have you used to find your best clients?  Please share them in the comments below.



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