Three Questions to Discover Your Marketable Gifts

Her Next Step Show Episode 8: Three Questions to Discover Your Marketable Talents and Gifts 

Wondering what skills and talents you have to offer right now?   Three Questions to Discover Your Skills

Listen in for 3 questions that will help you discover your skills and talents to build a business around.

You already possess wisdom and knowledge you can sell to others.  Use what you have gained from life experience to build a flexible, profitable business that serves you!

Links mentioned in the show:
Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

Great blogpost about finding your life purpose:

How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 min


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Three Simple Steps Toward Starting Your Business Now

Her Next Step Episode 7: Three Simple Steps Toward Starting Your Business Now

How do I even start?  What the first thing I can do?  The first step can be the hardest!   3 Simple Steps to Start Your Business

In today’s show I discuss 3 simple steps to start your business.

Topics include:

  • 3 Simple, Actionable steps to get started

  • Information Resources to achieve a strong start now

  • How momentum creates success

Links to the Resources mentioned in Episode 7:  Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau

Search for topics in your field:

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Create a Business By Re-Discovering Your Life’s Purpose


Her Next Step Show Episode 6: Create a Business By Re-Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with Lisa Wechtenhiser

Lisa Wechtenhiser of Practically Intuitive

What if your ideal business idea were already inside you?

Listen In as former Banker Lisa Wechtenhiser relates how she left the corporate world to create a successful business from her life purpose.

Topics discussed:

  • How to find your soul’s purpose (it may not be a surprise at all)
  • Working through early days in Lisa’s business while still being employed full-time
  • The Key Attribute in any coach you hire
  • The role of Change in personal growth
  • Pulling your vision into reality

Links mentioned in the Show:   Lisa’s website and podcast    David Neagle’s website

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Four Ways A Business Coach Can Guide Your Profit Making Process

Stephanie Pollock

Business Activator Stephanie Pollock

Her Next Step Show Episode 5: Part 2 of 2 Interview with Business Activator Stephanie Pollock

Stephanie tells it like it is, so be ready for progress!

Topics in this episode:

  1. Four areas a business coach can lead you to profit in your business

  2. Why creating Community is vital and how to find your clients

  3. Easiest place to start making money right away using your existing knowledge (hint: it’s not Affiliate Marketing)

    At the 5:30 mark Stephanie discusses making your services match your profit goals after leaving the corporate world.
    Resources mentioned:
    Duct Tape Marketing website  – Especially good resource for established small businesses
    Have you worked with a Business Coach?  Did it help you on your journey?  Let us know in the comments below!
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Create A Strong Start for Your New Business


Her Next Step Show Episode 4: Creating A Strong Start with Business Activator Stephanie Pollock  – Part 1 of 2

Stephanie Pollock

Stephanie Pollock
Business Activator

Too many business ideas and don’t know where to start?

Listen in to my interview with Business Activator Stephanie Pollock as she relates the best way to have a profit-making business from what you already know, not just a hobby.  Have a pen and notebook handy; Stephanie relates a lot of useful information quickly from her experience working with entrepreneurs.  Listen to the 12 min Mp3 audio

Stephanie discusses:

  • Success Mindset
  • Getting Started
  • Commitment with Balance
  • Importance of Intention
  • Gain Customers By Developing an Effective Brand
Specific advice for women starting a business after the corporate world starts at the 3 minute mark.

Links and Resources mentioned in the Show:

Stephanie Pollock’s website link    Art of Non-Conformity website link

Book:The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

Stephanie shared so many great ideas from our chat, I split the interview into two parts to make it more digestible!

Part 2 of the Her Next Step Interview with Stephanie Pollock will be posted next Tues, Oct. 16th.

Add your address below to receive VIP information and weekly updates of new posts and interviews.  We promise, no spam!

What steps have you taken to create a strong start to your business?  Please share them in the comments below.


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Start With Your Why

Start with your Whys (Then the How) to Create Your Side Business


You want to create a fulfilling business.

Why? The answer may seem obvious: “to make money”, but that won’t completely cut it.

To have an income that means more than just a paycheck, you need to delve deeper.  What are your motives?  Why are you taking this journey?

Perhaps you want to serve others in some way.  Or provide a creative outlet for something you’ve always loved to do, but never had the chance while you were younger.  Maybe you have a talent or knowledge that you want others to benefit from.

What do you want to gain from having your own business?  What will your life look like when you have a successful endeavor?

For right now, let the “How am I going to make it happen” part of your mind relax on the sidelines.  We will work on the “hows” later on.

Click here to listen to a 3 min Guided Meditation of this exercise.

Let’s explore your “whys” and have some fun:

  1. Get a notebook or journal and a fun pen (yes, a fun one – the more fun, the better)
  2. Get a cup of your favorite beverage
  3. Go to your favorite quiet spot, sit or lie quietly and gently let your eyes close
  4. Relax and take 3 deep, slow breaths
  5. Let a picture come to you of your ideal day working in your business

What happens when you get up in the morning?

What activities do you engage in?

Do you interact with other people during the day, or spend time mainly alone?

Who are the people you see during the day?

What qualities do they have?  How does having your business make you feel?  Exhilarated? Satisfied? Happy?

Open your eyes and smile.  Your journey has begun.

Now write down in your journal or notebook any impressions you have.  Note especially feelings and glimpses of activity you see yourself engaged in, your environment.

So what are your “whys” for starting your own business at mid-life?  Please share below in the comments.



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Discover Your Next Step Using Inner Wisdom

Bridget Pilloud

Bridget Pilloud of Intuitive Bridge


Episode 2: Discovering Your Inner Wisdom with Bridget Pilloud

Find out how listening to your Inner Self can help guide you to the best business path.

A wonderful source of  loving guidance is within our own selves.  Accessing that wise “Inner You” is easier than you think.  Like any skill, it takes some practice.

What business should you start?   What is the next best step for me?  Ask your Inner Self.

Listen how Bridget Pilloud of Intuitive Bridge guides women into their deepest selves to find answers. Like Bridget says: “prosperity in an inside job”.

The audio for this episode had some echo.  I have fixed the audio recording software for future shows.  Thanks for your patience!

Links mentioned in the show:

Free mp3 Guided Meditations to access your Inner Wisdom:

Heart Space Guided Meditation

Working With Fear

While you’re on the Intuitive Bridge site, check out the free Peaces of Prosperity Series that teaches how to create Abundance.


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Can Women Create a Fulfilling Business At Midlife?


As career women we have faced challenges.  Learned what it takes to climb the ladder.  Hung in there.  Cried in the bathroom when we went back to work after the baby was born.  Sucked it up and just did it.

We can take your hard-won determination and work skills to create a business that supports your freedom and makes a difference in the world.

You already have skills and knowledge from being in the working world.  You can help others who need your skills and make a side income for little cost.

What’s really possible?  How have other women created successful businesses after leaving the “working” world?

That’s What Her Next Step is All About

Discovering what’s possible.

Talking with women who have been there, making a difference in their world and gaining control of their time. Finding out the truth of starting a business at mid-life.

The challenges and rewards, mistakes and victories.  Women just like you and me.

Real life, not glossed over hype or a get-rich quick schemes.  Laid out steps.  Your Next Step.

Find out how to identify your gifts and create a map for this new world of creativity and service to others.

Simple online tools have made it so much easier than before to reach those you wish to serve.  On your own timetable and with life balance.

Identify resources and guides that can help along the way.  Laugh while learning and making connections with others on the same journey.

Join me.  We can do this together. Add your email address to the lavender box below and click “Get Started” to receive updates on interviews, tools, and possibilities.  You can take control.

And make all those years in the trenches work for you.

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