Have a Wild Crazy Meaningful Life After a Corp J-O-B with Pace Smith

How do I start a biz
Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith

Can you find happiness after leaving your corporate job?  Yes!

Join Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith as she tells us how she became the catalyst first for herself, then for other women on this crazy journey called Life.

I love Pace’s fun attitude and sense of compassion around meaningful change, healing, and success.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • Breaking blocks by letter writing (it’s not what you think!)
  • Her a-ha! moment when sitting at a desk computer programming
  • Why compassionate self-talk matters
  • Reality behind the myth: “If I work hard, shouldn’t people buy my stuff?”
  • Techniques to work with your fear around stepping out and being authentic

Link to Pace’s free manifesto: “warm and businesslike”  http://pacesmith.com/warm-and-businesslike/

Pace Smith helps sensitive spiritual misfits follow their hearts to a wild crazy meaningful life.

She’s a Pathfinding coach, a teacher, a speaker, a writer, a bi poly trans gamer geek, an open-source Reiki healer, and a tournament-level Dance Dance Revolution player. She dyed her hair purple the day she quit her day job, and loves it every minute, even (especially?) after the purple has faded to pink.


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