Does Your Business Have “Found Money” Lying Around?

Do you have "found money" in your business?I was working with a client yesterday when she showed me a “Cheat-Sheet” Guide she had created for students of her healing school.

During our conversation she mentioned many people had visited a particular page on her website looking for info about this specific type of healing (she’s a Reiki Master).

I asked her “Why don’t you offer your “Cheat-Sheets” as an easy download for people visiting your website?  Your visitors would benefit, and so would you.”  So there it was.  Found money!  She already had the product made.

All we had to do was:

1) Make her document into an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file so it could be downloaded and read by anyone.  Most document software now has the option to “Save As” a .pdf file.

2) Add the .pdf file to her shopping cart software (see recommendation below)

3) Add the “Buy and Download” link to the page on her website that was receiving the traffic.  She can also mention the new product in her newsletter with a Buy link.

Now my client can make a passive source of income from something she had already created!

Bonus Secret: Looking for an easy, inexpensive online shopping cart to sell your own downloads?  E-Junkie is a great way to offer online downloadable products for just $5/month and a free PayPal account.

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