“Find Your Next Step” Free Strategy Session

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked?  Struggling to know how to get clients?

Let’s find your ‘Next Step’ together.


I’ve been where you are.  Bogged down with everything “to do” in my business.  Struggling and running fast without seeing any progress.  Uneven income.  Not sure where to focus or what to do next.

Then I created a clear map for my clients (and me!) to set up automatic tools of attracting ideal clients.  Based upon the each client’s preferred method of communicating.  A clear path to step by step bring in a consistent stream of clients without compromising integrity.

Shorten your journey to success by signing up for a 30 min Find Your Next Step Strategy call.  Let’s find out what your next step could be to bring in a stream of new clients.

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Before working with Darlene, the online world was an overwhelming, intimidating crazy-making realm for me.

After working together, I feel confident reaching out to potential clients online and in person.  I now have a beautiful website (that works!) and a newsletter that reflects the real me.

Darlene’s patience is extraordinary.  I firmly believe that Darlene’s mentoring has helped me create a thriving recovery coaching practice.

I recommend Darlene unreservedly and she was well worth the investment.    – Leslee Dodd