Learning Abundance from Trees


Taking my morning walk/jog I saw the beautiful trees (it’s springtime here in the US).

Realized they weren’t saying:

“this spring, am I going to have enough water?”

“Am I going to be beautiful?”

“Is it going to be a good summer?”

“gosh, I’m glad I came through the winter!”

The trees weren’t saying that. They were JUST BEING. They were JUST BEING in their beauty.

And being their Source.

Like all of us – the sooner you’re aligned with Source – whatever that is for you – the sooner you will know true abundance and simple joy.

Less struggle.

We have minds capable of great things. Yet our minds are equally capable of working against us. A tree may not have a mind in the sense we think of, but it does have a consciousness. It has a consciousness aligned with its Source.

So as the sun comes and the rain comes, and the tornadoes come – whatever comes.

It just is.

You may call it being in your Buddha nature. It’s just full alignment.

So today as you go about your day, think about when you can be more in alignment with Source.

Hint: what brings you joy?

Where is it that you allow yourself to just BE?

Set aside some time where you’re just with you and whatever you think of as God.

And as those times grow and as you feel the joy of being with Source and BEING Source more and more, those times can spread. They get bigger, and you’ll want to spend more time just being you, just being God.

And that spills over to everything in your life.

Wealth and abundance flow as you allow life to flow, not worrying as much about the future (am I gonna have enough water?  Am I gonna have enough money? Am I gonna have enough air?).

More being with what IS.

And the storms come, and it just is.

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