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Have a Wild Crazy Meaningful Life After a Corp J-O-B with Pace Smith

How do I start a biz
Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith

Can you find happiness after leaving your corporate job?  Yes!

Join Pathfinding Coach Pace Smith as she tells us how she became the catalyst first for herself, then for other women on this crazy journey called Life.

I love Pace’s fun attitude and sense of compassion around meaningful change, healing, and success.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • Breaking blocks by letter writing (it’s not what you think!)
  • Her a-ha! moment when sitting at a desk computer programming
  • Why compassionate self-talk matters
  • Reality behind the myth: “If I work hard, shouldn’t people buy my stuff?”
  • Techniques to work with your fear around stepping out and being authentic

Link to Pace’s free manifesto: “warm and businesslike”  http://pacesmith.com/warm-and-businesslike/

Pace Smith helps sensitive spiritual misfits follow their hearts to a wild crazy meaningful life.

She’s a Pathfinding coach, a teacher, a speaker, a writer, a bi poly trans gamer geek, an open-source Reiki healer, and a tournament-level Dance Dance Revolution player. She dyed her hair purple the day she quit her day job, and loves it every minute, even (especially?) after the purple has faded to pink.

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Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl


We’ll be awarding a signed copy of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl to one of the first 15 commentors of this post!

Want to move out of corporate life to make extra income for yourself?Success Secrets Book

Listen to Lynn Bardowski tell her fascinating story of quitting her lucrative but unfulfilling job to create her own “party” business through direct marketing.

Some highlights:

  • Find how your life purpose can be right in front of you

  • Putting your dream on hold while waiting for friends and family to support you (don’t!)

  • How your thoughts become reality – REAL self education

  • How to let go of other peoples’ expectations

  • How failure is a blessing (and an integral part of success!)

Have you made the step (or thinking about it) from corporate stress to freedom within your own business?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Your Financial Security Is You, Not Your Job

Financial Coach and Instructor Peggy Lusk

Financial Coach and Instructor
Peggy Lusk

Financial Coach Peggy Lusk gives an impassioned, 10 minute wake-up call.

The days of putting your time in so you’d be able to retire comfortably have come and gone.  Benefits (especially retirement benefits) are dwindling.

It’s more imperative than ever to create an income that can supplement or replace whatever retirement benefits you may have coming.  Does that mean starting a new business?

Hear Peggy’s story and her take on what she sees all too often as a Financial Coach

Links for Episode 021:

Peggy Lusk’s free (requires email opt-in) video series Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

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5 Lessons Learned Leaving the Corporate World To Start a Business

Her Next Step audio show with Women’s Business Coach Darlene Cary Episode 018


Moving from a job to starting your own business?   Save yourself grief by learning these 5 lessons first!5 Lessons Learned

Listen in as I tell my own story of leaving an office job and starting and growing two businesses

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Topics Discussed:

  • How I went from Corporate cog to living my dream
  • 5 Surprising Lessons I had to learn the hard way

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Lesson 2: Online Community expert Alyssa Gregory’s  interview about the benefits of engagement with online communities

Lesson 4: Fear expert Marcia Hoeck on taming the F-word (Fear)
Bonus link for Lesson 4: Dealing With the Fear of Change

Lesson 5: Ali Davies on top of a mountain January 1, 2000

Bonus link for Lesson 5: Accountability 101

What lessons have you learned making the transition from a job to your own business?  Let us know in the comments below.

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