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10 Tips to Beat the Overwhelm and Stay Focused


Many business owners share with me that one of their biggest problems is information overwhelm which in turn leads to lack of focus, and therefore they don’t actually get stuff done in their business. They’re so busy trying to keep up with all the information that they’re being hit with that they don’t actually get around to any implementation and so they stay stuck.

With all the information that’s thrown at us via our inbox, social networks, and even through the mail, it’s so easy to become side-tracked and lose that focus and, like many business owners, I’m guessing you only have a certain number of hours in the day to work on your business.

If you’re going to grow your business and implement new programs and products, and continue to serve your clients, then you really need to stay focused and make the best possible use of your time.

Today I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips for beating the overwhelm and staying focused:

1. Only check email at certain times. You’re not going to do yourself any favors by checking your email every 30 seconds. Once first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon is enough.

2. Schedule in business development appointments. You need to work ON your business, right? So schedule that time into your calendar. This will get you really focused on creating that new program or product that’s been sat on your To Do list for the past six months.

3. Unsubscribe from ezines that no longer serve you – and, yes, I realize I may be shooting myself in the foot when I say this to you. But having fewer emails landing in your inbox will really make a difference to your inbox overwhelm and will allow you to focus only on those mentors/teachers that serve you best.

4. Likewise, unsubscribe from online groups such as Yahoo & Google groups that no longer serve you. If you’re not actively participating anyway, why add to your inbox by receiving group emails. You’ll only be tempted to check them!

5. If you want to remain in an online group, switch your emails over to daily digest. Instead of getting an email every time someone posts to the forum, switch to daily digest – that’s one email per day instead of many.

6. Don’t take unscheduled phone calls – let it go to voicemail. Unscheduled phone calls are an interruption – they take you off task and you will need to spend time refocusing again once you hang up.

7. Allocate specific blocks of time for client calls. Rather than having your client calls/appointments all haphazard in your calendar, create blocks of time when you’ll be available to speak or meet directly with clients.

8. Focus on only participating in one program/teacher/mentor at a time – immerse yourself in the learning and implement before you move on to the next program.

9. Only work on those activities that contribute to the big picture for your business i.e. those activities that will create new revenue streams and increase your bottom line. Either outsource or ditch the rest.

10. Focus on YOUR big picture – remember why you started your business in the first place. With the constant bombardment of “I’ll show you how easy it is to create a six or seven-figure business” emails it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you’re a failure if you’re not at that level. There’s nothing wrong in striving for this goal, but whilst you may not be at that level yet (or perhaps don’t even want to be) that in itself can be a source of overwhelm. Don’t follow the shoulds. Be yourself; remember why you got into this in the first place; and enjoy what you’re doing.

Learning how to manage your time and stay focused is one of the crucial components you have to learn to master if you want to create a sustainable, long-term business.

TraceyLawtonOnline Business Development Strategist, Tracey Lawton, teaches life coaches, business coaches, and virtual assistants how to become more organized, streamlined, and automated so that they don’t constantly bottleneck projects and processes. Having the right systems in place leads to consistent revenues, more clients, and less stress and overwhelm. Find out if you have the right systems in place for your business with Tracey’s free quiz, “Is Your Business Set Up To Fail?” at http://bizsuccessquiz.com

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Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl


We’ll be awarding a signed copy of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl to one of the first 15 commentors of this post!

Want to move out of corporate life to make extra income for yourself?Success Secrets Book

Listen to Lynn Bardowski tell her fascinating story of quitting her lucrative but unfulfilling job to create her own “party” business through direct marketing.

Some highlights:

  • Find how your life purpose can be right in front of you

  • Putting your dream on hold while waiting for friends and family to support you (don’t!)

  • How your thoughts become reality – REAL self education

  • How to let go of other peoples’ expectations

  • How failure is a blessing (and an integral part of success!)

Have you made the step (or thinking about it) from corporate stress to freedom within your own business?  Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Change Your Thoughts Step by Step to Increase Success


DREAM Comes True Book ImageListen as author & coach KishaLynn relates how she brings exactly what she wants into her life (and you can as well) with her DREAM System based upon the Law Of Attraction.

Learn KishaLynn’s step by step process to bring in success.

Go deeper and explore the Law of Attraction.  If you’re a skeptic about the Law of Attraction, you will enjoy hearing KishaLynn’s story about proving to her herself that “This Stuff is Working!”

Links from the audio show

A DREAM Comes True by KishaLynn Elliott

KishaLynn’s website This Stuff is Working!

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How to Create (Most) Days You Love

What would it be like to have every day filled with joy? or beauty? or peace? or ______ (fill in What's your Intention?blank).

You can choose what your life will be each day

Yes, YOU choose.  Only you.  Want happiness?  Choose it.  Want more clients?  Choose it.  I know what you’re saying: “but it isn’t that simple!”.  Yes, it really is. You are already choosing what your life is like, each and every moment – you just don’t realize it. A lifetime of habitual thinking and beliefs creates our everyday reality.  When that driver cut in front of you yesterday, what was your habitual reaction?  Did you cuss them out mentally or verbally?  Did you see who was driving and then kick in with negative beliefs: “Oh yeah, ______ always drive terrible”.

Click here for Quotable Tweet: Intention Sets the Stage for Your Happiness

Here’s How to Create Days You Love

  1. Each morning, set your intention for the day.  What do you want for yourself today?  Have an especially busy day?  Try setting your intention to be peaceful.  Feeling down?  Try consciously looking for the positive in each situation.
  2. Recite to yourself the intention you have: “Today I will be peaceful”.  Saying your intention out loud is best.  Say it several times to yourself during your morning routine.

Reciting your intention for the day may seem awkward and artificial at first.  After awhile you will notice your intention sneaking in during unexpected moments during the day.

Real Life

Here’s a story from one of my days of intentional living: Last week I was meeting a client in a local coffee shop.  When she was 15, then 20 min late and still didn’t show, I started to go through all the usual stories and tapes in my head: Where was she? Did I get the time wrong? Did she just blow me off? (accompanying anger), Am I such a terrible coach she didn’t want to meet with me? (yes, I really went there).  Then I remembered my intention that day was to be joyful.   Was I immediately joyful?  No, but it did bring me back into the present moment and remind me I was choosing how to feel in that moment when my client didn’t show up.   I was even able enjoy a few minutes relaxing and looking for joy in the situation and my surroundings.  When my client did arrive, I was able to be truly with her, rather than running all the old tapes in my head and being upset.

Choose For Yourself

Just for today, what’s your intention for yourself?  What do you want to bring more of into your life?  What you focus on, grows.

What is your Intention for today?  Let us know in the comments below.

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How to Use Inner Resources to Make a Successful Life-Change

Her Next Step 019: Find Success By Searching Within


Overwhelmed by decisions and choices? Find out how to use your intuition to help you know your best next step.

Join Women’s Business Coach Darlene Cary and best-selling author and Intuitive Consultant Lynn Robinson discuss how to:

1) Work your way out of a draining situation

2) Re-connect to your Inner Self (even if it’s been years since you last connected)

3) Recognize your Intuition voice from your Inner Critic voice

Lynn Robinson Author of Divine Intuition Your Inner Guide to  Purpose, Peace, & Prosperity

Lynn Robinson
Author of Divine Intuition
Your Inner Guide to
Purpose, Peace, & Prosperity

4) Use movement to find answers

5) Supportive daily practices during stressful times to find inner peace and courage

Host: Business Coach Darlene Cary at Her Next Step.com

I teach corporate women in their 40’s and 50’s how to identify and monetize their talents and skills so they can finally leave their job,or if they’ve  just left it, to replace their income and do the work they were always meant to do.

Show Notes and Resources:

Guiding our discussion today: Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity by Lynn A. Robinson

Free Intuition Technique videos from Lynn Robinson: http://lynnrobinson.com/category/video

Free weekly interviews from women making the transition to a thriving business outside a job, and women’s business experts guiding your way to success! Subscribe to the audio show in iTunes here and listen with your iPod, SmartPhone, or iPad.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Friend and colleague Leanne Chesser contributes today’s guest post on how to improve time management.  Enjoy and Share!Improve Your Time Management

It can be tough when you leave your corporate job and start your own business!

When you worked your job, your daily tasks were pretty much decided for you.

You were working for the vision and purpose of the company.

You were accomplishing the company’s goals.

You went to work each day knowing what you had to accomplish, or you were given instructions when you arrived.

And your time was set out for you:

  • when you could take a coffee break
  • when you could eat lunch
  • when you could leave for the day

Now you’ve got all kinds of freedom . . . and even though you probably wanted that freedom, you’re not sure where to start.

You might be feeling:

  • distracted by a ton of things that call for your attention during the day
  • overwhelmed with all there is to do
  • disorganized
  • out of balance with the other important areas of your life
  • or like a workaholic with no off switch

It’s great to have the freedom.

It’s amazing to be building a business based on your passions and dreams.

It’s awesome to be out of the box of your job.

But you’re not really getting anything done . . . or you’re focusing so much on your business that the rest of your life feels neglected.

What can you do?

Here are 7 tips that will help you improve your time management in your business:

1.  Develop X-Ray Superhero Vision

a)     Create and write a vision for your business. It keeps you on track.

b)    Set goals for the year to get you to your vision. Break your goals into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Write them down.

c)     Set out your daily tasks based on your weekly goals. This way, everything you do in a day will get you to your vision. Write them down.

d)    Record all the ideas that come to you in a notebook. Revisit your notes each year or each quarter as you do your planning. If they fit with where you’re going, add them to your plans. If they don’t, leave them in the notebook for now.

 2.  Respect Your Time & Space

a)     Work for 15 minutes at a time. Focus completely on your task and don’t stop to do anything else. You could also set a timer.

b)    Set office hours and have an actual office space where you can work.

 3.  Get ‘Er Done!

a)     Take breaks. I know that sounds backwards . . . but it works. You need to take care of yourself.

b)    Work at your most productive or creative times as much as possible.

c)     Plan 1-3 activities that will move your business forward each day. Do these first before you do anything else.

d)    Stay on top of things and don’t let stuff pile up . . . like emails and stacks of paper . . . or dishes and laundry.

e)     Use plans, templates and systems to leverage your time, especially for things you repeatedly do. For example, create a blogging calendar.

 4.  Escape the Social Media Time Suck

a)     Choose 3 social media sites to focus on. Choose the ones where your market hangs out. You don’t need to be everywhere! Narrow it down.

b)    Automate as much of your social media activity as you can by using a service like Hootsuite. Further automate your social media activity by setting up your blog posts to automatically post to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

c)     Pre-write a series of social media posts. For example, create 30 tips in your area of expertise and schedule one to go out each day for a month.

d)    Plan activities that are business related, intentional and purposeful. Do only those things and then get off social media.

e)     Turn off notifications, chats and un-follow posts that you’ve commented on in groups.

5.  Get Rid of Beeps, Rings, Dings & Other Interruptions

a)     Unsubscribe from all but the most essential and useful newsletters, courses and information – – the things that are really going to help you move forward in your business.

b)    Stop checking your email constantly! Set 3 times for checking email each day and stick to it. Close your email program except at those times. When you check your email, delete the crap, deal with what you need to deal with and file or delegate the rest.

c)     Let your voicemail or assistant answer your phone (unless it’s planned sales conversations or coaching calls). Set it to silent if you’re letting your voicemail handle it. Set 1-3 times each day for checking messages and returning calls.

 6.  Deal With the “Do I Have To?” Tasks

a)     Start and end your day with essential tasks and tasks you love. Do the hated “have-to” stuff in between or at your less productive times of the day.

b)    Outsource or delegate. You don’t have to do it all alone.

c)     If you choose to keep doing the hated tasks, make it more enjoyable to do the stuff you don’t want to do. Change your attitude about it or reward yourself for doing it.

7.  Put on a Balancing Act

a)     Stay balanced in all life areas. If you’re off balance, your work time will be affected, you’ll do the guilt thing ’cause you’ll feel you should be doing something else, and your mind will be focused on other things.

b)    Exercise. It boosts your energy and mood.

c)     Get enough sleep!

d)    Schedule in some spiritual time, however that looks for you.

e)     Eat well to nourish your body and mind.

Which tip do you think will help you the most to improve your time management?

Leanne ChesserLeanne Chesser works with women online entrepreneurs to discover and eliminate the real reasons for their time, balance and productivity challenges. She then helps them create a plan and a system that actually works for them because it’s based on their own personal style. And she provides lots of tips and strategies for creating more time, achieving more balance and getting more done. She is the creator of Juggle It All and the author of, “How to Improve Your Self Esteem” and “How Your Self Talk Can Change Your Life.” You can find her at http://www.juggleitall.com.

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How to Move Through Procrastination to Done!

Erin O'Brien: Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28

Erin O’Brien: Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28

Her Next Step Episode 014: Interview With Procrastination Coach Erin O’Brien

Still have New Year Goals you haven’t started to implement?  Erin O’Brien gives us her favorite tips for getting past being stuck. Learn Erin’s technique of breaking up BIG goals into small, doable action steps. (20 min)

Topics discussed:

  • Fear’s Role in Procrastination and Moving Past It
  • Erin’s Procrastination Take on the 80/20 Rule
  • How Erin Coaches Clients Thru Website Paralysis and Other Blockages

Links: Erin’s Website  Coaching for the Truly Serious

Do you have a favorite method of getting passed being stuck?  Please share it with us in the comments below.



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