What NOT to Do When It’s All Too Much



Does this sound familiar?

“I’m overwhelmed! I’m just not getting anywhere! I thought starting a business would be easier, especially after doing so well at my job. I made it work in the corporate world – why won’t it work now?”

I get it. You want to move forward in your business, but you’re struggling with second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’re making the right decisions.

You really DO want to make a difference – yet you can’t see your whole picture or envision the possibilities – let alone create a workable plan to move forward.  It’s all too much!

So what’s the solution?

DO Less

Yep – You heard me. DO Less

Spend less time DOING and more time BEING.  Spend 15min in nature.  Or sitting quietly by yourself really tasting that cup of tea.  One of my favorites: taking a walk with the intention of feeling what is happening with each of my senses.  Be in the present moment.  Slow down your thoughts for a while.

When I left my job as a bank VP, DOING was what got me promoted.  The more I DID, the more successful I became at my job.  Even just looking busy was rewarded!  That’s a hard belief to change (busy=successful), especially in our culture that rewards busyness.

I had to learn the hard way (and still learning) that DOING all the time doesn’t cut it when you are your own boss.  When you’re busy being busy –  you can’t benefit from what some call your Inner CEO.  Your wise Inner Knowing.  Source.  Intuition.

Taking the time to quiet and listening to your Intuition –  then taking action from there turns your business (and your life) around.

 Your intuition is your direct pipeline to a form of intelligence that is completely beyoind your conscious brain.  Successful, effective, happy people are those who have gotten onto the beam of their own intuitive senses and who rely continuously on their inner guidance – and they seldom make mistakes.

– Brian Tracy, bestselling author


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